Thursday, July 1, 2010

July Fourth Eating Plan

This weekend is July 4th which means beach time, food and drinks. Since it is the beginning of summer you want to have fun and be able to still look great in your swimwear. Instead of starving yourself and feeling deprived later on. Eat in moderation and remember that tomorrow you can have something else in moderation that you can indulge in.

Here are a few tips to keep you on track on July 4th for the summer season:

Snack before a big party
Don't starve yourself before a big pary. EAT. Have an apple and a glass of water or a handful of almonds and some carrot sticks. Fill up on fiber. By the time you get to the party you won't be starving and you will be able to enjoy your favorites in moderation. Anything in moderation is not bad.

Workout in the morning
Working out even as little as 20 minutes a day will help you stay on track. After you work out your metabolism still burns fat throughout the day and because you felt good about your morning workout you will want to eat well the rest of the day.

Getting enough sleep is key to mood and weight. Your body tends to gain weight when it does not get enough restful sleep.
Elevated cortisol in the body makes your body think it is under attack and goes into flight or fight mode. According to Tiffany Spudich, PharmD on Project-Aware "It is also a key hormone involved in the body’s response to stress, both physical and emotional. Cortisol increases blood sugar levels, increases blood pressure, and suppresses the immune system, which is part of the body’s fight-or-flight response that is essential for survival. Your hypothalamus, via the pituitary gland, directs the adrenal glands to secrete both cortisol and adrenaline". Once this happens the body will want to make sure it can build reserves and that is when overeating can occur.
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Have a great July 4th weekend.

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