Friday, July 30, 2010

Almost Vegan reviews Megafruit Dried Fruits

 Almost Vegan reviews Megafruit on her blog:

I also received some samples from MegaFruit Ventures. They specialize in dried superfruits—up-and-coming nutritional superstars whose health benefits are just being discovered. They don’t use any additives or preservatives when drying the fruit, so it’s truly all-natural. MegaFruit sent me one of each of their three fruits: mangosteen, baby pineapple, and lychee. Each two-serving package contains a total of 200 calories or less; if you’re the kind of snacker that doesn’t stop till you reach the bottom of the bag, this is a great thing.

The fruits are very firm and chewy, with a consistency more akin to goji berries than raisins. The antioxidant-laden mangosteen was slightly tart. The enzyme-filled baby pineapple was, well, pineappley! The sweet, vitamin-packed lychee was the softest, and in my opinion, tastiest. Yum!

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