Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ice Cream Party Ideas for Summer

Summer is about bikinis, beaches, bbqs, and ice cream. This summer if you are looking for a great party idea for yourself or your kids, check out the July issue of InStyle Magazine with Cameron Diaz on the cover. There is a whole section on ice cream party toppings, different ways to create new flavors, and different ways to present an ice cream cone and scoop of ice cream. I found the issue to be so eye opening. The scoop of ice cream is no longer about chocolate sprinkles, it is about the whole package cone and toppings and all.
In the InStyle July issue, Event Planner, Amy Atlas gives tips on how to decorate an ice cream cone with decorative colorful paper to create a sensational look for a party. She also shows how an ice cream sundae can become a work of art by taking a scoop of ice cream and rolling the toppings all over the scoop of ice cream to create a decorative and tasty treat.
If you are doing a party this summer. Ice Cream and toppings is an easy theme that can be executed elegantly with Amy Atlas' tips.
Here are a few tips I found useful:
1.) Decorate the cones with festive colorful paper.
2.) Turn ice cream sundaes into works of art by rolling the ice cream into your favorite toppings and drizzling your favorite sauces over the toppings.
3.) Use pretty labels to label each separate ice cream station.
4.) Use pretty clear containers and bowls to store individual toppings so that people can help themselves to create their custom ice cream treat.
This is a great idea for a fun get together this summer. Who does not love ice cream?

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