Thursday, July 22, 2010

Apple Lychee Sangria Recipe

During summer I love a great sangria recipe. It is fruit with wine and a bit of liqueur and it is so refreshing. I always make a sangria with a white wine, strawberries, peaches, white grape juice, and simple syrup and people rave about it when I have it at a party. Recently, I stumbled upon a sangria recipe that included lychees and I had to try it right away. The recipe is from and I made a little adaptation to it. (Photo credit

Here is my version: I added the lychee fruit to the mix.

Apple Lychee Sangria Recipe

1/4 apple cut up
1oz lychee liqueur
1/4 cup of lychees from a can
1 glass white wine 

Cut the apple and lychees into small slices so you can eat them as you drink. Put them into a wine glass. Add in the lychee liqueur. Finally, top the glass off with a white wine. Chenin blanc is the classic white to use because it has an apply flavor, but any white should do nicely. It's best if the white wine is rather cold - otherwise, toss in some plastic ice cubes to cool things off. 

To turn this into a party sangria recipe, there are usually four large glasses of wine in a 750ml bottle of wine. Simply multiply all ingredients by four and use a full bottle of wine in a large pitcher or bowl.

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