Tuesday, July 6, 2010

How to Beat The Heat This Summer

Summer means so many different things to different people. If you live in New York City summer means go to the Hampstons on the weekend to get away from the hot city pavement and crowded sweaty subway. If you live in Texas it means dessert hot conditions are ahead. If you live in Los Angeles it means traffic jams and heatwaves along the 405 freeway. In most parts of the country, summer is about lots of high temps and kids on summer vacation. Parents are scrambling to find activities for their kids who are on school vacation while staying cool. As a parent, I am constantly looking for ways to entertain my daughter during her many school breaks. Here are some ideas I came up with to get through the hot summer days.
1.) Stay cool. Find activities that keep you and the kids cool. Plan outings to the aquarium, beach, local museums, and playdates with friends who have swimming pools.
2.) Make popsicles and shaved ice. Keep kids and yourself cool while doing a fun activity. Set up juices and fruits that kids would like and help them freeze popsicles to enjoy while doing other activities during a hot summer day.
3.) Drink lots of liquids. Drink water and diluted juices all day long. The sun is very hot in the summer and people often don't drink as much water as they should. Try to keep track of how many glasses you and your loved ones consume in a day. You should be drinking at least 8 - 8 ounce glasses of water a day.
4.) Dress in breathable materials. Avoid polyester and silks which keep heat on your body. Wear materials like cotton and linen during the summer months. You will feel much cooler as a result.
5.) Eat healthy fruits and vegetables during the summer. Your body feels way too heavy in the summer if you eat heavy rich foods. Try having more fruit for breakfast and snacks during the day and incorporate salad into your lunches and dinners. You will feel less tired after lunch too since heavy meals and heat can cause your body to work a lot harder to digest the meal.
6.) Take it easy. Don't try to work in a frenetic pace during the summer. It is just hard to move as fast during the summer. Try to focus on priorities each day and accomplish as much as you can. The summer heat causes cars to overheat and tempers to rise. It all eventually gets done.
7.) Remember to exercise. When you exercise you are helping your body to build the stamina it needs to face the challenges of a hot summer. Give yourself at least 30 minutes a day to workout so that you can take care of your work and your family.
8.) Be prepared. When you are short on time and have to work and deal with the kids all summer, be prepared with games and snacks in the car. The summer traffic jams between playdates and outings can cause you more stress than necessary. Pack water and healthy snacks in the car so that your kids are happy during a long ride and for you when you run out of time to grab lunch. Megafruit is a perfect packable dried fruit snack pack that you can keep in the car all summer for emergency lunch and snacks. The fruit is good for you and your kids and gives them the energy they need to go from one summer activity to another.

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