Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Be Prepared to Build a Better Lunch

Have you ever looked in the fridge and thought to yourself I would really like to have a sandwich for lunch that has a great mayo on it, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, turkey, roast beef, and cheese? Or have you ever wanted to have a hot entree? 

Most of the time we have to settle for what is in our pantry or fridge at the time that we feel these hunger urges. You may have some turkey and bread, but you may not have lettuce or tomatoes or mayo in the fridge. How do you combat this terrible catastrophe? I say BE PREPARED. 

Before you do your weekly or bi weekly shop at the market, sit down and write out what you would ideally like to eat this week and check to see if you have those food items in your pantry or fridge. If you don't have those items, put them on your list. 

Here are some tips for a successful supermarket shop:

1. Eat before you go to the market so you are not starving and buy everything in sight or buy unhealthy high sugar high fat snacks. 

2. I often write down foods I would like to eat during the week and when I do my shop I review the list to see if I still have those food urges. 

3. One of my food tricks is to buy items that may go together in a sandwich or an entree so that when I am looking to make something, I can put something together without running back to the market.

4. Buy what you want not what you think you should be eating as long as it is reasonably healthy and a whole food that does not come from a box. Don't buy something super low fat and not tasty because you think you should eat it. More than likely you will not eat it.

5.) Stock the basics in your fridge and pantry - my basics includes mayo, mustard, horseradish, baguette, 2 kinds of cheeses, 3 kinds of deli meats, eggs, milk, sparkling water, 2 different oils, pasta, fruits and vegetables, ground meat, chicken breasts, potatoes, soy sauce, peanut butter, various spices, and ice cream. 

Figure out your basics and make sure you have them at all times so you can make a great lunch anytime. Being prepared is all it takes. A little planning will take you a long way in eating healthy and delicious meals.

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  1. These are all great tips! I particularly like #2. I never thought to do that and I am going to try it. I have so many cravings and food urges. Most of the time, they do go away. But every now and again, I just need to have something - whether it be savory or sweet. I find that when I am constantly telling myself no or depriving myself, I end up doing more damage in the end. Instead, I like to treat myself every so often. It keeps me sane and makes me happy!