Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sandwich Bar Summer Party Idea

Summer time parties are always very fun to plan because you can have many of them in your backyard or outdoors at the park somewhere. Somehow a summer time party always feels less formal and more casual. A great party idea for summer would be to have people over for a Sandwich Bar party. It is a simple idea that can be quite a lot of fun. You set up the table full of different breads, meats, condiments, and vegetables and let your guests create their own sandwiches. This type of party makes for great conversation because everyone will have a different sandwich idea.

Here are some ideas for your sandwich bar:

  • Set up cutlery and plates at the beginning of the sandwich bar so that guests can start piling on their sandwich fixings.
  • Use a pretty tablecloth on your table.
  • Get fresh flowers and put them in a vase in the middle of the table.
  • Serve brownies and cookies on the side with fruit as dessert treats to go with your sandwiches.
  • Get different types of bread and put it in a napkin lined basket on display for guests to use. Buy breads like baguette, wheat bread, white bread, and other varieties.
  • Have the meats arranged on a platter in a half fold in a round circle with tongs so meats can be easily put on their choice of bread.
  • Peanut Butter and Jelly, tuna salad, and egg salad can be set up in bowls.
  • Cut up lettuce, tomatoes, arugula, radishes, and onions and set up on a platter.
  • Put condiments like horseradish, butter, mayonnaise, and mustard in little bowls with little spoons so guests can easily put on their bread.
  • Put a cutting board out with a knife so guests can cut their sandwiches in halves or quarters.
  • Have parchment paper pre cup with ribbons so guests can wrap their sandwiches up and eat them while walking around your garden or home.
  • Put different pitchers of drinks on the table including lemonade, juices, and water so guests can help themselves to a beverage.
  • Make a few salads too so that guests can have a sandwich and a salad if you like.
  • Make a small kids sandwich bar if you have children at your party. Have white and brown bread on the table, marshmallow fluff, peanut butter and jelly, and bananas out for kids to make their own fun sandwiches.
Whatever sandwich bar you decide to do, your guests will love the idea. It is a fun creative easy way to throw a party this summer.


  1. This is so creative! I want to attend one. Can you throw a party like this and invite me?! Pretty please ;)?

  2. Yes come to LA - I always throw parties :)