Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Reduce Reuse Recycle Clothes

As everyone gets back to basics because of the economy, designers are making clothes from recycled materials and clothing to design new pieces to help conserve on the natural resources in the world. Food producers are using sustainable farming methods and compostable materials to pack their products.

According to Fabgreen.com: This dress was "Conceived by fashion designer and creative director Gary Harvey, this collection set out to prove that recycled clothing can be beautiful, innovative, and enchanting. The couture-inspired collection, which was shown at London Fashion Week back in 2007, features gowns made entirely from recycled materials:  42 pairs of Levi’s 501s, 37 black tees, 30 copies of the Financial Times, 28 camouflage army jackets, 26 nylon baseball jackets, 21 laundry bags, 18 trench coats, ten pre-owned wedding dresses, and seven Hawaiian shirts — to be exact". 

It is just amazing what can be done using recycled materials. Going green means being creative about the use of our natural resources. If you need to buy your kids some new clothes, think about selling your old clothes to a consignment store and then buying clothes from the consignment store. Try not to always buy new and trade with your friends. What is old to them is new to you and vice versa. The new chic is not more more more, but conservation. 

Think about whether you can buy an item you need for yourself or your household from a consignment store or if you can buy an item made with recycled materials. It is all part of going green. It is good for you and the world.

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