Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ways to Relax according to American Girl Book

My 5 year old was toting this book around yesterday and reading me parts of it. Finally, I looked at the cover and just started to laugh. This book is from American Girl and is written for young girls. I thought some of the tips were important for adults who just don't take time for themselves. It is great that American Girl is putting out a book to help young girls realize that they need to make time for themselves because when they become grown ups there will be very little time to relax and they need to learn to relax for their health now.

(Pic of my 5 year old playing on the Ipod  Touch in line at the airport).

Here are some of the tips the American Girl 29 Ways to Relax book gives:

1. Let loose by doing arts and crafts.
2. Make a cup of hot cocoa and sit on the couch with a book.
3. Stop thinking about problems and focus on things that are interesting.
4. Take a long warm bubble bath.
5. Take up quilting.
6. Go on the computer to play games.
7. Listen to music and dance.
8. Sit outside and listen to sounds in the neighborhood.
9. Lie and watch the clouds in the garden.
10. Relax by exercising.
11. Play dress up.
12. Take pictures outside.
13. Bake some cookies with a friend.
14. Make jewelry with friends.
15. Do some yoga.

You get the picture. The list applies to adults and kids. It is important to take time for yourself every day. Even as little as 20 minutes alone doing something you like will help you relax.

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