Friday, April 16, 2010

Tennis anyone ? the weather is nice

Spring is coming and most of the country is starting to warm up. It is a good time to get out and enjoy the warm weather and get those D vitamins from the sun.

A favorite past time of mine is tennis. I love tennis because it is a social sport that gets me out of the office and into the nice weather. It is a sport that I can play until I am in my 60's or 70's or even 80's without many difficulties physically. My daughter, father, and siblings also love playing tennis. It is a great sport.

Tennis does not have to be the only sport you play. You can play volleyball, basketball, run, swim, ride your bike, or practice Karate. The main thing is that you get out there this spring and summer and do something active and good for your body and soul. The great thing about sports is that it is social. Most of the time you will run into like minded people doing the sport or your friends may want to join you for a game.

In this country, we spend a lot of time working really hard for many long hours of the day. We have to remember to take time out of our working lives and put some enjoyment into our personal lives.

Life needs balance. We are only here for a short time. We need to learn that if we work hard, we need to reward ourselves by playing hard too.

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