Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fast Food Nation of Consumers

We have become a fast food nation because everyone is in a rush to get to school, to work, or just in a rush these days. We consume calories on the go and sometimes we have no idea what we are eating anymore or why we are eating.

Check out this KFC no bun double fried chicken sandwich with cheese and bacon. This sandwich cannot be good for anyone's heart or arteries. Is it worth the calories or heartburn later? What are we doing to our bodies and our minds?

We as a country have become too obsessed with getting to the next place and not enjoying the moments in our lives. Because we are always in a rush, fast food has flourished in this environment. We love to get it now. Instant gratification is the American way. So we get it now, but is it what we really want right now? We can get our food fast, but is it good fast food?

In order to really live healthfully, we need to look at our daily diet and think to ourselves. What is it that we truly can eat and benefit from today. Are the foods we are putting in our bodies full of nutrients or empty calories.

Planning meals are very important. If you can plan your next meal a few minutes in advance, you are already going to eat better than just rushing through the drive through for some fast fried food. On a daily basis think about your goals for your health that day. Do you want to consume less fried food and more vegetables today? Make that a goal. At every meal make sure to get an extra serving of vegetables. Make a daily list of all the things you want to achieve for a healthier diet and work towards one goal every day.

Break the fast food rut. Here is to your health.

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