Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Healthy Hair nutrition more protein ?

Hair is a protein so it makes sense to eat a protein rich diet if you want beautiful lustrous healthy hair. How much hair you have, the texture, and the length of time you will have your hair is up to your genetics. However, working with what you have, there are ways to keep your existing hair looking healthy and prevent premature hair loss.

Hair loss is not only genetic, but it can happen if your body is not getting enough nutrient rich foods. If you indulge in a fast food diet daily, your food is not giving any nutrients to your body and in turn you can end up with dry and brittle hair. People who do not eat enough calories in a day also can lose lots of hair. Stress can also attribute to hair loss.

Foods that you eat should be high in protein. Foods like fish, eggs, and beans are very good high quality proteins and will feed your hair with what it needs.

Adding iron to your diet helps manufacture hemoglobin which helps to brings oxygen to the organs which in turn keeps your hair growing healthily.

Overall, a healthy lifestyle with exercise and a balanced diet with lots of fresh fruits, iron rich vegetables, and lean protein will contribute to healthy strong hair.

Photo: Patrick Demarchelier for Blumarine S/S 10

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