Friday, April 2, 2010

Dr. Oz says Mangosteen is a must eat Superfruit

Dr. Oz and Dan Buettner author of The Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer From the People Who've Lived the Longest named the 5 Superfoods we must all begin to eat and our Queen of Fruits, the Mangosteen was #3 on the list.

The list included:

#1 Barramundi because it is a clean eating fish and has very little Mercury because it does not eat other fish.

#2 Greek Greens are fennel and mustard greens which have lots of vitamin K and believed to help ward off Alzheimer's Disease.

#3 Mangosteen has more antioxidants than any other fruit, is rich in vitamins A and C and tastes delicious.

#4 Turmeric Tea - the very healthy Japanese population in Japan drink this tea often. It is believed to help with hangovers and have lots of antioxidants that can fight cancers.

#5 Imo is a great replacement for potatoes and has more antioxidants than blueberries.

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