Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mother's Day Gift Ideas 2010

Mother's Day is just around the corner. Have you figured out what to get mom for Mother's Day yet? If your mom is anything like mine it may be pretty hard to narrow down what she would actually use if you got it for her as a gift for Mother's Day.

Every year I buy my mom a practical cashmere sweater in a neutral color and she ends up wearing it throughout the year. A few years ago I tried to get her something fun like a waffle maker and it ended up sitting in her kitchen cupboard inside its box unopened. One year I decided to buy her a gift card to her favorite restaurant and she did use it 6 months later to go out with my dad for dinner.

No matter what you buy her remember it is the thought that counts. Do not get frustrated and wait until the last minute and buy her something random from a store near your work because you know you are seeing her on Mother's Day. Plan ahead.

Here are some suggestions I have for Mother's Day:

1.) A gift card to her favorite restaurant near her home.
2.) Cashmere sweater in a neutral color that you know she will wear.
3.) Flowers from a florist you have used before so you know their work.
4.) Take her out to brunch if she lives near you and get her flowers.
5.) Get her a new bag in a pretty spring color.
6.) Send her a fresh fruit basket.
7.) Take her shopping and let her pick something she likes from the store.
8.) Get her dance lessons or tennis lessons.
9.) Book a massage and facial for her.

Don't forget that Mother's Day is not just about your own mother it is also about the mother of your children if you have any. So if you have little ones, help them do something nice for mom on Mother's Day. All moms need to feel appreciated on Mother's Day. They do so much for all of us.

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  1. Facial and new spring bag are my favorite 2 of your suggestions :). Great list!