Friday, April 23, 2010

Enjoying the moments in your life

Do you ever think to yourself "I am really enjoying this moment of sitting on the grass and staring up at the sky while sipping my green tea soy latte on a warm sunny day." If you do, that is great. Most people do not take that time for themselves to enjoy the moments in their lives. They are way too busy rushing around from one task to the next and always planning their next move for the day. It is important to make plans for your life financially and otherwise, but it is also very important to enjoy each day as it passes.

The other day I looked at my 5 year old daughter for the first time and thought "wow where did the time go?" My daughter is now 5 years old and she can walk, talk, read, swim, play tennis, and play on her own. She is growing every day and eventually will be going off to high school and college. Everyone kept telling me the time goes so fast. When she was first born, the many sleepless nights seemed to last an eternity. Since then, the terrible twos were not so terrible, and the threes and fours were just pure fun.

At times I was too worried about the cleanliness of my carpet and the neatness of my living room to really get down to her level and have a lot of fun. I regret that time lost and today cherish every moment I have with her. I take in every laugh, every funny thing she says, and all her hugs. I am enjoying those moments because I know that each moment goes by and then it is gone.

For those of you who have lots of worries, it is even more important to just take a little time for yourself during the day. Take 20 minutes to meditate or stretch. Give yourself a small gift of a cup of tea in the afternoon to relax. Sometimes that extra few minutes for yourself will help you through a hard time.

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