Friday, June 25, 2010

Miracle Noodles for Weight Loss

Do you love pasta but want to lose weight? I have tried many diets from Atkins to fruit and veggies only diets and always lapsed back into my old ways. Recently I found a diet where I just ate normally, but substituted Japanese plant based high fiber "noodles" in place of regular flour pasta and I have had a significant amount of weight loss without the normal sugar high and dip after eating flour noodles. These gluten free noodles are called Miracle Noodles and I am loving them. I have sent packages to my parents and friends to try and they also love the noodles. If you want to try them, try them now. Each packet is well priced and sent right to your home.

Tonight, I had a beef bolognese on top of the Miracle Noodles and I am full and happy. Check it out for yourself. Make comments and let me know what you think. I think this is a great Graduation Gift. The amazing thing is that these noodles are ZERO CALORIES too! So you can eat a whole packet with your favorite sauce without feeling that carb guilt I always felt.
Click here to try it now.

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  1. That's a surprise to me. I thought all pastas could help you gain fats. I wanna share a fast way to lose weight.