Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Megafruit on The Find blog

MegaFruit Ventures are a Snack with a Nutritious Punch

As a mom, I sometimes struggle to find healthy snacks for my children. I’m afraid my children get tired of plain apples and bananas at snack time everyday but I don’t want to resort to sticky, gooey sugar loaded fruit snacks either. Megafruit Ventures is a company who’s mission is to introduce highly nutritious snacks to any diet. Superfruits are fruits that have exceptional nutrient and antioxidant qualities. Megafruit Ventrues uses these fruits to create a snack without any added sugar, preservatives or additives that taste good and are packed with a nutritious punch. They are available in three flavors:


  • A handful meets an adults daily requirement of Vitamin C
  • Good source of essential minerals
  • Contains more polyphenols than the equivalent amount of grapes
  • A topping on desserts, a convenient snack throughout the day when you need a boost

Baby Pineapple

  • An extraordinary 4 grams of fiber per serving
  • First time the sweet natural baby pineapple has been available in the US
  • Delicious topping on oatmeal, cereal, desserts and meals
  • May act as a natural anti-inflammatory due to its source of bromelins and mangenese


  • Known as the queen of fruit, being described as the most delicous fruit in the world
  • Contains Xanthones, considered to be the most powerful antioxidant in the world
  • Delicious topping on oatmeal, cereal, desserts and meals
  • Rare and difficult to harvest, making this antioxidant packed fruit a rare gem

Megafruit is sold in a pack of 10 2 oz pouches priced at $38.40 for Lychee or Baby Pineapple and $55.80 for Mangosteen.

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