Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Actor's Diet reviews Megafruit

A review from The Actor's Diet blog:

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Summer

June 15, 2010
by Lynn at The Actors Diet

Signs that Summer is upon us in L.A.:

  1. I haven’t been turning on the space heater when I go into the bathroom
  2. I stopped wearing pajama bottoms to sleep
  3. Julius doesn’t burrow under the covers next to me anymore
  4. I slather on sunscreen before my morning walk, because I inevitably end up in a tank top by the end of it
  5. I’ve stopped sneezing when I go past the flowers and can just admire them.



6. I’m no longer craving oatmeal and am reaching for the blender for breakfast.


I’ve had this sample packet of Vega Whole Food Smoothie Infusion for a while now. It’s filled with plant-based protein and green nutrition!


I mixed it with ice and water and tasted. No thanks!

So I tossed in some frozen raspberries – it still needed something. I added some Liquid Vanilla Stevia (NuNaturals just send a huge case of it!) and that was a lot more palatable.



I was actually hungry only an hour after drinking this, but was in the midst of a monster load of laundry, so it was about another hour before I put together lunch.


I opened up this package of Dried Mangosteen that Megafruit sent samples of


I’ve had mangosteen in freeze-dried form (from Trader Joe’s) but never fresh – or dried either, for that matter. Mangosteen is known as “The Queen of Fruits” – and is high in Xanthones, the most powerful of all antioxidants.

Your highness -


They taste really good – these are straight-up dried mangosteens without any added sugar and are very sweet, yet sour at the same time. Actually, the flavor is reminiscent of these Haw Flakes I grew up eating, though I’m sure that description is not very helpful to my non-Chinese readers…

I emptied half the sack to eat with my burger…


…and then wound up eating the other half about twenty minutes later. That’s another sign of summer:

7. I turn into Snacky McSnackerston.

Ever have a fresh mangosteen? How do you know it’s officially summer?

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