Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dancing With The Stars Exercise or Not ?

Did you watch the Dancing with the Stars Season Finale last night? Wasn't it obvious that Nicole Scherzinger was going to win the competition with Derek Hough? She was a trained dancer and professional singer, so she has had much more practice time than any one of the other contestants. She deserved to win, she was the best dancer in this competition.

Since summer is quickly approaching, have you been trying to get in shape for bikini and swim suit weather? Are you tired of your gym routine? Do you want to do something more interesting? While watching Dancing with the Stars this season I noticed that the competitors were getting more and more fit as the weeks went on. I always knew that dancing was hard work, but I had no idea it was such an amazing sculpting and toning exercise. While dancing every muscle group is engaged when you hold poses and move around. Also, your ab muscles and core are usually engaged and your legs and arms are constantly moving. It is a very physical exercise.

In the last few years, my parents started taking Arthur Murray dance classes and started competing in dance competitions. Not only are they happy when they are dancing because it is such a social activity, my mom has lost a lot of weight as well. Dancing has become a great fun activity as well as exercise for my parents.

Many people may think that ballroom dancing and ballet is not for them so they don't try dancing as a form of exercise. However, there are so many different dance classes out there, you can definitely find one that could work for your lifestyle and taste. For example, there are dance classes offered in the modern dance style, jazz, tap, hip hop, and many other varieties. The great thing about dance is that it is a pretty inexpensive activity and classes can be found everywhere from your local gym, the YMCA, to a professional dance studio.

Try something new for the summer. Dance!

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