Monday, May 3, 2010

Dairy alternative is Coconut Milk ?

I have loved coconut my whole life. I love coconut sorbet, coconut water, coconut ice cream, coconut cakes. You name it. If it has coconuts, I will buy it whether it is a food or a lotion. Recently, there have been lots of studies touting the great benefits of coconut milk and oil products. I am so happy to finally see that coconut is getting the credit it deserves.

The coconut as a food source to Southeast Asian countries and Polynesian islands have been used for centuries. People living in these areas use coconut in their curries, as condiments, and as oils to cook and use as a type of sunscreen because it blocks excessive exposure to the sun without blocking the UV Rays that are necessary for Vitamin D synthesis on the skin.

Another benefit of the coconut is the Medium Chain Fatty Acids that this fruit provides. Most of our diet does not consist of Medium Chain Fatty Acids. This type of fatty acid digests more easily, and is used by the liver to produce energy and as a source of fuel.

One other remarkable benefit of the coconut is its ability to transform into monoglycerides which kills viruses and bacteria once ingested. Medium Chain Fatty Acids found in coconut oils and milk also improve intestinal health by creating more friendly bacteria.

All these benefits from coconut milk and oils makes this a fruit worth trying if you have never been a fan in the past. The So Delicious company makes a large array of products that are made with coconut. You can have coconut sorbet, coconut milk with breakfast, use coconut oil to cook or eat coconut yogurt. With all these ways to get coconut's benefits into your diet. It should be easy to incorporate it into your life.

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  1. I love coconut and all of its nutritional benefits. Enjoying So Delicious coconut milk beverages, kefir, and ice cream is a delectable way to get more coconut into one's diet.