Monday, March 29, 2010

Jamie Oliver Teaching Kids Healthy Eating Habits

Teaching kids healthy eating habits are very important. Recently, Chef Jamie Oliver created a new show for ABC called "Food Revolution" because he felt that the way many families were eating in America was shortening their kids' lives.

On the show, Jamie Oliver goes to Huntington, West Virginia to teach the adults and the kids what it means to eat healthy and how to change their bad eating habits. This show truly is a food revolution because no one has ever taken it upon themselves to make such a big change before in America.

Americans on the whole are eating too much unprocessed foods and doing too little exercise. Many people have no idea what foods are nutritious and they are passing their lack of knowledge onto their children. Educating our next generation about good eating habits is more important than ever before. Obesity has become one of our biggest problems in the US.

Start thinking about what you are doing to teach your children healthy eating habits today. Are you a good example? Do you do daily exercise? Do you eat unprocessed foods? Do you practice moderation? All these things will reflect on how your children view food and health in the future. You are their most important teacher.

Take small steps to make daily improvements. Substitute sodas and juices for water. Eat fruit for snacks instead of cookies. Eat less red meat and substitute fish twice a week. Eat more whole grained foods. Use 1/2 a pat of butter on your toast in the morning instead of a 1 pat of butter. Substitute skim milk in your coffee isntead of cream. Try 1/2 a teaspoon of sugar instead of 1 teaspoon of sugar. Everything adds up. Small changes add up to a big change at the end of the year.

Start a food diary. Use it with your family. Post it in the kitchen. Once you see everything in writing, you may want to make more changes. As you start seeing positive results in your weight and energy levels as a family, you will probably want to do more.

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