Friday, March 26, 2010

Decluttering for a healthy diet

Decluttering and spring cleaning are popular terms being thrown around during the months of March and April because everyone usually likes to clean out their closets and cupboards and make way for new things. This year don't stop at decluttering your closets and kitchen cupboards, think about decluttering your food list.

Think about how you can eat better. What it means to eat better and plan how you will stay on track.

Start by looking into your kitchen cabinets and looking at all the foods you have in there now. Are the spices up to date? Are their canned foods in there that you have not used in more than a year? Are there cookies, cereals, and crackers that will never be finished by anyone in the house? Be relentless and toss it out into the trash. If no one is going to eat the items and they are expired, throw them out. Make room for new healthier items to live on those shelves. Don't let those items sit there taking up space. Clutter in cabinets clutters our minds too.

The next step is to make a weekly must have list. Once the list is done check it and make sure everything on that list is a real necessity. You don't need cream filled bundt cakes or cream filled cookies. You don't need items that are not at least 50% whole grain. You don't need sodas.

Take your must have list every week and add items you want for lunches and dinners and evaluate the list honestly. Try to only buy unprocessed whole foods that are made from fresh ingredients. Try to buy as many items as possible that do not come in a box.

Find new recipes that use fresh fruits and vegetables to cook every week. Keep your lunches and dinners simple. Eat the colors of the rainbow and you will see that your food choices will be good food that is good for you.

Last - try shopping at a local farmers market and see if you discover some new fruits and vegetables you have never tried before. Fresh is delicious.

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