Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How Jennifer Aniston relieves stress Yoga

Stress is a big problem in the US. Millions of people suffer from stress related health issues every day and it has to do with the fact that people do nothing to help relieve their stress.

Many people blame time constraints, family commitments, and job responsibilities for the reasons they suffer from stress. Many of these reasons are valid reasons, but there are also lots of people with busy family lives and careers who manage to find time for themselves to relieve the stress in their lives and reap the health benefits that come along with this stress relief.

One way to find time for yourself daily or every other day is to think about everything you spend time doing in a day. Do you spend time on the phone chatting with a friend while sitting on the couch for an hour? Do you walk through the mall during your lunch break to browse? Do you sit for an hour after work at happy hour? All those are great social outlets, but maybe you could take some of those activities and convert them into healthier alternatives. For example, take a walk outdoors while chatting on the phone with your friend. Forgo happy hour and go to the gym or take your dog on a long walk up a few hills in your neighborhood. Briskly walk 3 times around the whole interior of the mall and do not stop to browse inside any of the stores.

Simple daily changes can help relieve stress. Getting your heart pumping and a little sweat gives you those good endorphins that are known to keep illnesses away.

Jennifer Aniston loves her daily Yoga routine. What can you do for yourself today? Health is something we cannot take for granted. Be healthy.

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